Blade is the most crucial part of puukko there is no doubt about it, without a sharp and wear-resistant blade knife is useless. Hardness, toughness, edge retention, wear resistance and corrosion resistance are the five generally known key properties in knife blade.

Forging a blade would be easy if one steel could fulfill all of those requirements perfectly. But no! Good blade is always some kind of trade off on properties mentioned above. Winning blade is hard and tough at the same time, it will keep the the edge for long time and it wont chip or crack even in hard use. 

Top quality steel is only first step towards the high quality blade and even more important thing is how steel is handled in hardening process. I am using only few steel qualities to make sure that every blade is processed in the best possible way, here are the most used steels in my smithy.   


Most of my puukko blades are made of BÖHLER k510 Silver Steel which is high carbon steel made in Austria. K510 is widely used in puukkos in Finland and it has brilliant cutting properties and it is easy to keep in sharp. 



80CrV2 steel is product from ThyssenGroup and it is probably the most used knifemaking steel in the world. It is relatively easy to forge and it has excellent cutting and toughness properties, all of my hunting knives are made of 80CrV2 steel


N690 steel belongs to high end stainless steels group and it has excellent edge-holding properties. N690 is used example in knives blades, surgical instruments and corrosion resistant roller bearings. I am using N690 in custom ordered knives which needs high corrosion resistant. The surface finish can be ”Satin” or mirror polished