Customer Reviews

Erin Fiorey (27.4.2022)
When I opened the box, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the puukko is. I knew my husband would be thrilled – and he was. He wanted me to tell you how much he enjoys it, and how much he appreciates your craftsmanship and continuation of tradition.
Thank you, and stay safe and well.

Jonas Eriksson (14.12.2020)
Today the knife arrived!
Many Thanks for excellent craftmanship Mikko. You are a true master. 
It will be used with great pleasure, and also fits perfect in my collection of Scandinavian knives.

Christopher Tinney (21.8.2020)

I received the knife today. I absolutely love it. Your work is so good. Birch bark is just wonderful and the work you did on the blade…wow!  I’m very very happy thank you. 

Venkat Reddy (15.6.2020)

What a wonderful knife. It’s remarkable that a handmade knife looks so perfect, it’s almost like it’s manufactured. Before you get me wrong let me say it’s beautiful, I love it. And thank you for being patient with my questions. Appreciate everything about the Puuko.

Erik Torgerson (18.6.2019)

The package arrived today. Wow, the knives are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  Stunning workmanship!  Both fit my hands perfect, they are awesome.
In fact, they are so beautiful I’m not sure I can ever use them?  You are truly and artist and a craftsman. 
Thank you for creating such wonderful knives. They will be treasured and very well cared for. 
With best regards, Erik

Jesse Walker (16.3.2019)
I am writing to tell you
I think my puukko is the best I have seen and it has been used in the kitchen and out doors. I really enjoy the fact that I have one, that is unique and different
Thank you, Jesse 

Wayne Scoble (9.2.2019)

The work of art arrived today. Great service and fantastic knife
Thank you very much, Wayne

Greg Bessemer (19.8.2018)

I wanted to wait til I had some time to use the puukko for a while, and I’m 100% happy with it.
It’s absolutely beautiful, and it carves like no other knife I’ve ever owned.
Thank you for a great knife!

Albert Filice (3.12.2017)

I received the knife and have used it on two camping trips so far, and each time I use it I like it more and more. It’s a truly fantastic knife, incredibly comfortable handle and wicked sharp! Great craftsmanship, will recommend 100%. Here are a few photos of it in use.