My Story

My Family Heritage

I was born in 1980 to a Finnish family with long heritage of craftsmanship. My grandfather Tuomas Juntunen worked for decades as a blacksmith in Jyrkkä village forging knives, scythes and other rural supplies.  It was not easy to start as a blacksmith in 1950´s Finland. There were no books or other information sources available where to get needed knowledge for steel processing. There were other blacksmiths in the near villages, but the needed knowledge were carefully hided. It took a lot of time and effort for my grandfather to learn all the secrets of knife making but passion for craftsmanship encouraged him to go forward.

Ensuring his possibilities as a blacksmith he needed a lot of charcoals in his work and because there were no shops were to buy ones, he had to manufacture charcoals by himself. Charcoals are burned in special pile which is called ’miilu’ in Finnish. When Tuomas became a well-known blacksmith in Jyrkkä´s village as a result of his pile-works, he got a nickname called Miilu-Tuomas.



My Path to a Knifemaker

As a child I used to listen that hammering sound echoed from dark and smoky smithy. Process where the steel is quenched was very accurate work process and I was allowed to watch it only from the doorway. I was impressed and excited. Otherwise working in a grubby smithy from early morning till evening without eating seemed to be crazy from my child’s point of view.

It took me almost three decades to understand what the puukko-madness means. It is the infinite passion to design and create something new, even better than achieved before. My ambition is to create Scandinavian style unique and timeless high quality knives using old Finnish traditional knife making methods.